About Ultimotive

Established in 2004, Ultimotive is a world leading licensee operating on a global scale within the car care sector. We are experts in growing ambitious brands in the automotive industry.

Whilst successfully growing the business providing a quality service to wide demographic Andy was working towards securing his first global brand. In 2004 he signed Williams F1 as his first major client. This powerhouse of the racing world recognised the potential of Ultimotive and working closely together they launched a full range to distributors in 2005.

Ultimotive has grown exponentially year on year, now employing thirteen people.“Since then not only have more major global brands been signed they have been retained, including Turtle Wax®, Moto GP™, Stayzon™ and this list is set to grow. Ultimotive has new offices based in Colchester incorporating a 10,000 sq ft warehouse, it has dedicated sales and logistics teams with offices in Australia and a growing presence in the Middle East.