We have launched several new products this year :

Total Turtle Drying Agent
A highly concentrate and active drying agent which displaces water very effectively minimising the drying time. Produces a brilliant Total Turtle Gloss with long lasting protectants.

Concrete Cleaner
For industrial and commercial use to remove heavy soiled stains from concrete machinery plant and vehicles.

Machine Cleaner & Descaler
A safe and efficient multi-surface cleaner for all automatic car washes. Excellent limescale remover and leave an impressive shine with fresh clean appearance.

Express PDI Wax
Multi purpose premium wax that leaves a high gloss hydrophobic finish.

Tyre Gloss Gel
A silicone free gel that produces a superb wet gloss finish. Suitable for all tyres and exterior plastics.

Glass Cleaner
NEW FORMULATION. Excellent cleaning and smear free.

Bumper Gel Revival
Restores and cleans exterior blacks, plastics and rubber trim surfaces leaving a deep black finish. Offers UV protection.

Odour X Mountain Fresh
A sophisticated slow release formula that eliminates bad odours. Provides a fresh long lasting fragrance up to 14 days removing odours caused by tobacco, food and pets.

Ultimotive ship all over the world, 
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